Function of Board

To decide Sugarcane price payable to the farmers, which shall be in addition to the Fair and Remunerative Price (hereinafter referred to as “FRP”) decided by the central government under the provisions of the sugarcane (Control) order, 1966, on revenue sharing basis: Provided that, while fixing sugarcane Price, if it is decided to fix the Sugarcane price on the value of sugar including the value of the by- products such as bagasse, molasses and press mud, the Sugarcane Price shall be arrived at as a sum equal to seventy per cent. Of the ex-mill value of sugar along with such by-product.


Chairman Chief Secretary
Secretary, Finance Member
Secretary, Co-operation Member
Secretary, Agriculture
Five representatives of the factories in the state to be nominated by the Government,out of which three shall be representatives of the Co-operative Sugar Factories and two from other Sugar Factories in the State Member
Five representative of the farmers to be nominated by the Government Member
Commissioner for Sugar Ex- officio Member Secretary